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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Phill and the shooting range lol

I got up and did dishes. The electric was out when I woke up. never did find out why it was out, but it soon came back on. Jumped in the shower then did dishes. Phill came over to get me so we could go to the shooting range cause he wanted to shoot off a couple rounds of his 40. I think it was a 40. I don't know cause we never actually got there. Ended up just chilling at the House with his mom and Angelia and the baby. Watched the football game and hung out. Ended up going on a walk around the park with him and mom.
   Finally came back home and here is Aaron's mom and step dad in he living room, FUCK!!! Aaron's mom doesn't know I live with him yet ha ha. She knows we are dating but not that I live here.
 Oh well she didn't catch on.  So now I am sitting in said living room watching Doctor Who and relaxing before I have to go to sleep for my first day of work tomorrow.


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